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FAL Enterprises turns book ideas into best-sellers, people into celebrities and companies/products into national names. Here at FAL Enterprises we represent, debut, and establish authors, talent and products. Our job is to edit and fine-tune proposals and refine concepts for delivery to various publishing houses. We invest a great deal of care in each project and each client that we bring on board.

At FAL Enterprises, we believe in using a hands-on approach. We work closely with our clients to develop their ideas into the most marketable product possible. We will support our clients well beyond negotiating contracts and selling rights by providing marketing, television appearances, radio spots, speaking opportunities and much more. It's important to remember that every successful product, book and talent has a committed team at the forefront pushing and promoting your ideas-- that's why FAL Enterprises has been so successful.

FAL Enterprises, LLC has secured national publicity for clients in newspapers, magazines, radio, the internet, television and trade publications. We have been successful in closeing deals wtih major houses on behalf of our authors.

Special Sales

Our Approach to Marketing & Promoting Books & Literature
If you want to get your products into retail stores like COSTCO, Bed Bath & Beyond, CVS, Walgreens, TJ MAXX, Home Depot, Dollar General, and many more. We can help you!With millions of books published around the world each year, the task of marketing and promoting titles is increasingly falling onto authors' shoulders. In many cases, however, writers and smaller publishing houses - don't know where to turn for help, and that's where FAL Enterprises, steps in. We're not here to replace or substitute the work currently done by publishers, however, we work as their partner to enhance their efforsts into special market channels.

Foreign Rights/Movie Rights
We sell domestic and subsidiary rights for our clients and partner with sub-agents in the foreign markets and in the film/TV industry.

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Special Sales

Foreign Rights