Professional Services


Book Publishing 360: 

This package surrounds you with a professional publishing team that takes you from idea to published author.

This Package Includes ($25,000; $5,000/mo for 5 months):

*Includes Book Creation Fees

Book Manuscript:

  • Book positioning and outlining

  • Comprehensive interviews to get all your ideas out of your head

  • A first draft of book in your words

  • Manuscript revisions that incorporate two full revisions by the author

  • Proofreading to correct any minor spelling and grammar mistakes

Book Publishing:

  • Beautiful covers by a publishing industry professional with 20 years experience

  • Professional interior layout

  • Paperback and eBook versions

Book Distribution & Marketing:

  • Full coordination of all publishing details (ISBN, bio, book description, etc.)

  • Printing and distribution 

  • Marketing to become an Amazon Bestseller

  • A full case study about you and your book

Optional Add-Ons:

Hardcover (with 1000 copies): $7,500
Audio book: $5,000
Multiple Authors (2+): $2,000 per additional author
Illustrations: Quoted