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We accept manuscript submissions by email only. All submissions should include a cover letter, first three chapters and author bio. We do not accept screenplay submissions. Due to our high volume of queries, we will only respond if requesting additional material. We will do our best to get back to you in a timely manner.

Please be aware that all materials (manuscripts, galleys, books, etc.) submitted to FAL for consideration will not be returned.


Please submit a brief query letter via email, a brief bio or resume, a head shot and if affiliated with a product such as a workout video or CD - please submit as well.

Please submit via email a brief query letter, a synopsis of the product, a brief bio or resume, pictures of the product (and eventually a sample if FAL Enterprises is interested in the product).

Special Sales Representation

If you would like FAL Enterprises, LLC. to represent your company and catalog of books to the non traditional sales markets.


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Please contact for all submission inquiries or simply fill out a contact us form